Clinical and morphological parallels in chronic bacterial prostatitis

Krupin V.N., Krupin A.V., Belova A.N.

Introduction. All categories of chronic prostatitis have the same clinical picture, where pain is the main symptom. It is still believed that painful symptoms of chronic prostatitis are due to the prostate inflammation, but the lack of clinical effect of anti-inflammatory treatment leaves in serious doubt about the involvement of prostate inflammation in the algogenesia.

The aim of our work was to study the pain intensity in chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP) and assess the relationship between the pain severity and the nature of inflammatory changes in prostate tissue in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis.

Materials and methods: The prospective study comprised 345 patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis, the assessment of the pain intensity and the intensity of pain unpleasantness in these patients was studied using a visual analogue scale. Histological changes in the prostate tissue in 67 patients with CBP were also assessed, and the correlation between the pain severity and inflammatory changes in pancreatic secretions, as well asthe morphological changesin its tissue was analyzed.

Conclusions. No correlation of pain with the prostate tissue damage was found. It was concluded that the prostate does not participate in the formation of symptoms described in the clinic of chronic bacterial prostatitis. The lack of any relationship between pain manifestations in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis and morphological changes of inflammatory nature in the prostate tissue indicates the absence of the involvement of prostate inflammation in the formation of symptoms described in the clinic of chronic prostatitis. The inverse correlation between the number of leukocytes in the secret of the prostate and leukocyte infiltration in the prostate tissue leaves in serious doubts about the diagnostic value of the prostate secretion analysis to assess the presence of inflammation in the prostate.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests.

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сhronic bacterial prostatitis, pain, prostate tissue damage

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