Number №1, 2015 - page 78-80

Efficacy of Prostatinol in the complex treatment of chronic prostatitis

Tagirov N.S., Tera O.E.

Our study represents the analysis of treatment outcomes and safety of Prostatinol in 40 patients (age 20 – 50 years) with chronic prostatitis (CP), chronic prostatovesiculitis and chronic urethroprostatitis. All patients had the typical symptoms – pain in the perineal and suprapubic regions, testes and loin, dysuria, deterioration of erection and decrease in penetrance phase time. CP was confirmed in all cases and all patients reported acceptable quality of life.

Two patient groups were included in the study (20 patients in each). Control group patients received antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immune modulatory and physiotherapy. In study group all patients received additionally Prostatinol 0.5 g 2 times per day during the treatment course.

Patients in the study group reported amelioration of the symptoms at day 3 after treatment initiation, in control group – at days 5-6. Normalization in the analyses results was evident at day 10 in study group and at day 14 in control group. Libido return and normalization of erection and penetrance phase time was reported at day 20 in study group and at day 25 in the control group.

Three months after the 28-day treatment course patients were invited for control. Quality of life amelioration and satisfaction was reported by 95% of patients. Two patients from control group demonstrated signs of recurrence: clinical in one patient and laboratory in the second one at a time of 2 months after treatment.

Drawing a conclusion, Prostatinol could be recommended for the complex therapy of the CP and for prophylaxis of disease recurrence.

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