Number №1, 2015 - page 20-23

Neoangiogenesis and fibrinolytic system biomarkers expression in the dynamics of experimental kidney ischemia in rats

Kit O.I., Franciyanc E.M., Dimitriadi S.N., Shevchenko A.N., Kaplieva I.V., Tripitaki L.K.

In patients subjected to the kidney ischemia during the partial nephrectomy due to renal cancer it is important to study the pathogenesis of ischemic changes, which is necessary for selection of optimal ischemia time during the operation. The aim of the study was to study the expression of angiogenesis and fibrinolysis related biomarkers in cortical layer of the kidney in the acute ischemia setting in rats of different age and sex. The study model was «two kidneys – one clamp». The biomarkers selected for analysis using IFA were VEGF-A, VEGF-R, u-PA and plasmin. Among the different sub-groups of animals the young females were more resistant to ischemia with regard to development of pre-renal disturbances. Different results during the comparison of the animals in groups «old females – young males» and «young females – old males» let us suppose, that the sexual hormones could be playing some protector role in a setting of acute kidney ischemia, which warrants further investigation of estrogenandrogen balance in the development of the renal damage.

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