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Director of the Institute of Urology, Professor O. Apolihin

Dear Readers, Research Institute of Urology, has started publishing a new magazine - "Experimental and clinical urology. This is a scientific and practical publication designed for a wide range of readers - doctors, researchers, residents and postgraduates. It will be published lectures, scientific analytical reviews, original articles from specialists in fundamental and applied problems of urology, including discussion.

The first issue of our magazine is devoted to the remarkable event - the 30-year anniversary of the establishment of Institute of Urology. Currently, the Institute of Urology is a leading institution in Russia on the organization, methodological support and care of urological patients. It employs major specialists: urology, andrology, children's urology. The Institute conducted a large research program, developed and tested new methods of diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases, which are then put into practice urologists Russia. In recent years, much attention is paid to the institute in high-tech methods of treating the most severe categories of urological patients who developed standards for the treatment of urologic diseases in the interests of the Russian health care.

History Institute of Urology is closely related to publishing activities. Regularly at the institute published collections of scientific papers (all 11 volumes were published) on various aspects of urology. The grounds for the publication of a new journal was the need to exchange experiences, which has Institute of Urology, urologists from the country. The journal will provide a close contact of urology Russia to conduct comprehensive research on topical problems of our specialty, will allow urologists regions to keep abreast of advances in science.

We look forward to the demand for this publication and fruitful cooperation with the faculty of the department of Urology, Urology Regions, doctors, allied professions.

Editor in Chief, Director of the Institute of Urology, Professor O. Apolihin

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