Number №1, 2016

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T.S. Perepanova
Expert Council resolutions on topical therapy on patients with urinary tract infection lower


A.A. Kalabekov, A.V. Kazachenko, V.V. Ivashchenko
Risk factors of calcium and urate nephrolithiasis. Role of the canalicular dysfunction in stone formation


S.V. Shkodkin, S.A. Fironov, Y.B Idashkin., A.V. Lubushkin, A.A. Nevsky
The ways to reduce theintraoperative blood loss in renal cell carcinoma in patients with vena cava invasion

V.A. Perepetchay, O.N. Vasilyev, I.M. Spitsin, M.I.Kogan
The validity of modern diagnosis of the urinary bladder cancer. Are there predictors of underdiagnosis?

V.A. Perepetchay, O.N. Vasilyev, I.M. Spitsin, M.I. Kogan
The analysis of the accuracy of factors for the survival predictiry after radical cystectomy


D.A. Mazurenko, A.V. Zhivov, E.V. Bernikov, Z.A. Kadirov, I.I. Abdullin, L.A. Nersiesyan
«Fast track» postoperative strategy in patients after percutaneousnephrolithotomy


V.Y. Startsev, I.A. Korneev
Fertility preservation in patients with testicular cancer

A.G. Sirkasheva, O.I. Yazikova, E.K. Nodelman, N.P. Makarova, N.V. Dolgushina
Retrograde ejaculation and male infertility: literature review

A.C. Usupbaev, Z.S. Khakimkhodjaev
Obesity – efficacy of treatment using androgen-replacement therapy

M.S. Rasin
Chronic inflammation and insulin resistance in the pathogenesis of benign prostate hyperplasia (review)


E.V. Volkova, V.G. Khomenkov, E.A. Akhmatovа, E.L. Chalaya, E.V. Sorokina, N.K. Akhmatova, T.S. Perepanova
Citokine status in pathients with recurrent urinary tract infection

V.I. Sergevnin, N.M. Kluchareva, D.P. Antipin, E.N. Larycheva, M.V. Kuznetsova
Epidemiological and microbiological assessment of prophylactic efficacy of silicone urethral catheters
with silver coating for urinary tract infections

Z.A. Kadyrov, V.V. Ribun, A.Y. Odylov
Our experience with retroperitoneoscopy for pyoinflammatory diseases of kidneys and retroperitoneum

A.V. Prokhorov
Fournier’s gangrene. Сlinical and laboratory picture (literature review)


E.V. Kulchavenya, A.A. Breusov, E.V. Brijatyuk, S.Y. Shevchenko
Painful bladder syndrome in patients with dysmenorrhea

D.D. Shkarupa, N.D. Kubin, N.O. Peshkov, B.K. Komyakov, A.V. Pisarev, A.O. Zaytseva
Russian version of questionnaires for life quality assessment in patients with pelvic organ prolapse
and stress urinary incontinence

N.I. Tarasov, V.A. Ivashchenko
Treatment of urinary disorders after transurethral resection of benign prostatic hyperplasia


Yu. E. Rudin, D.V. Marukhnenko, D.K. Aliev
Correction of the anomalies of the penis with hypospadias and bladder exstrophy (review)


E.N. Stepanova, V.N. Sinyukhin, A.V.Sivkov, S.V. Arzumanov, T.A. Korobova
Several immunity parameters in pathients with terminal kidney insufficiency and uremic toxin para-cresol. (literature review and own results)


V.N. Juravlev, A.Y. Chiglincev, K.A. Chiglincev
Estimation of renal parenchyma durability during the tightening of the surgical suture

I.S. Shormanov, M.V. Kosenko, M.M. Vorchalov
Postoperative stress-induced disorders of adaptive reactivity in urological practice


T.S. Perepanova
X Russian scientific-practical conference report with international participation "Rational pharmacotherapy in urology"

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