Number №2, 2012

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The prevalence of the urologic diseases in the Aral Sea areaAkilov F.A., Mamatkulov B.M., Hudaybergenov U.A., ugli Nuraliev T.Yu., Hudoyberdiev H.B., Rahimov M.K.
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Analysis of urological morbidity in the Russian Federation within the period of 2005-2010Apolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Solnceva T.V., Komarova V.A.
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Role of standardization of PSA detection in clinical decisionmaking diagnosis and prostate cancer monitoringEvgina S.A., Ruzhanskaya A.V., Nikonova L.M.
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Our first experience of focal prostate cancer cryoablationGovorov A.V., Pushkar' D.Yu., Vasil'ev A.O., Ivanov V.Yu., Sadchenko A.V.
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The role of 5α-reductase inhibitors in the chemoprevention of prostate cancerSivkov A.V., Zhernov A.A., Keshishev N.G., Shkabko O.V.
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Peculiarities of sodium hypochlorite adaptogenic features in acute hypoxia, physical stress and thiopental anesthesia in experimentIvaschenko V.V., Kirpatovskiy V.I.
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New concepts and pathophysiology of lower urinary tract symptoms among male patientsF. Cruz, F. Desgrandchamps
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Transurethral Enucleation of Prostate (TUEB) – New Option in Bipolar endoscopic Surgery of BPHSevryukov F.A., Sorokin D.A., Karpuhin I.V., Puchkin A.B., Semenychev D.V., Kochkin A.D.
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Implementation of the natural origin drug (Tongkat Ali Platinum) in the treatment of erectile dysfunctionDorofeev S.D., Mel'nik Ya.I., Simakov V.V., Krasnyak S.S., Ul'bashev A.M.
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The effectiveness of Alasens photosensitizer for evaluation of the radicality of kidney cancer surgeryApolihin O.I., Chernyshev I.V., Sivkov A.V., Altunin D.V., Mel'nik K.K., Komarova V.A.
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Comparative analysis of three urethroplasty techniques in patients with distal and penile forms of hypospadiasRudin Yu.E., Maruhnenko D.V., Garmanova T.N., Sayedov K.M.
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Prospective randomized trial comparing TVT-O™ versus its modification TVT Abbrevo™A. Thomas, D. Waltregny, J. de Leval
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Spontaneous rhythmic activity of the urinary system: the role of interstitial cells, the biological significance, pathophysiological aspects (literature review)Kirpatovskiy V.I., Frolova E.V., Nadtochiy O.N.
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The empirical choice of antibacterial treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infection. “DARMIS”: clinical study of pathogens resistancePerepanova T.S., Kozlov R.S., Dehnich A.V., Palagin I.S., Shevelev A.N., Volkova E.M., Egamberdiev D.K.
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Perinneal Pain and Dysfunction in urological practiceApolihina I.A., Mirkin Ya.B., Eyzenah I.A., Malinina O.Yu., Bedretdinova D.A.
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Internet as unique information field for urologistsSivkov A.V., Shaderkin I.A., Shaderkina V.A.
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