Editorial Policy


The purpose of the journal "Experimental and clinical urology" is to inform medical specialists about fundamental research and clinical experience in the field of urology, oncourology, andrology, urogynecology and pediatric urology.

The objectives of the journal:

  • publishing the latest clinical research in the field of urology;
  • informing about experimental research in the field of urology that is likely to become the basis for changing some diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to urological patients;
  • acquainting the audience with the unique clinical cases in the practice of urologists;
  • informing about the modern diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive methods in urology;
  • providing the analytical reviews and discussion topics without any fear of new points of view;
  • forming interdisciplinary interactions between medical specialists and uniting doctors of all specialties;
  • generating an interest among medical students and residents to urology as a specialty;
  • taking care of the publications scientific purity;
  • striving to the constant improvement of the both publications and the entire team working on the journal level.

Editorial Policy

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