Copyright polity

  1. Copyright on any publications in the "Experimental and Clinical Urology" is retained by the authors for an unlimited period. The author has exclusive rights.
  2. The authors transfer the rights to publish the article to the publisher of the “Experimental and Clinical Urology” only on the basis of a non-exclusive license. This means, that authors can transfer the rights to publish an article to other publishers, but only after its first publication in the “Experimental and Clinical Urology”. Based on a non-exclusive license obtained from the author, the publisher publishes all articles on the web site in the open access.
  3. By the Author are meant all persons (co-authors) who took part in the study and creation of article materials and are responsible for its content. The license agreement has to be signed by all co-authors or one of the co-authors, who received this right from other co-authors by proxy, a copy of which needs be submitted to the editorial office in this case.
  4. The responsibility for the completeness of the authors' team composition provided and for the coordination with them about all changes made during the peer review process lies with the person (author) who has submitted the manuscript to the editorial office.

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