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Urolithiasis in the Russian Federation (2005-2016)Apolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Komarova V.A., Prosyannikov M.Yu., Golovanov S.A., Kazachenko A.V., Nikushina A.A., Shaderkina V.A.
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Restoration of disturbed spermatogenesis after intratesticular transplantation of the neonatal testicula tissueKirpatovskiy V.I., Kudryavcev G.Yu., Kudryavceva L.V., Frolova E.V.
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Primary-multiple cancer of transitional epithelium: diagnostics and peculiarities of the diseaseTeplov A.A., Grickevich A.A., Stepanova Yu.A., Miroshkina I.V., P'yanikin S.S., Dunaev S.A., Arevin A.G., Morozov A.D.
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A modern view of prostate cancer screening, the organization of medical care in an outpatient settingPopov S.V., Orlov I.N., Karasaeva L.A., Gul'ko A.M., Matich A.I.
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Radical prostatectomy with preservation of Retzius' space. Application experience and its resultsNevirovich E.S., Boriskin A.G.
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Fast in vivo assessmant of the urinary bladder connective tissue state for evaluation of the radiation injury severityStrel'cova O.S., Moiseev A.A., Kiseleva E.B., Maslennikova A.B., Tararova E.A.
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Our experience of micropercutaneous nephrolithotripsy application in the treatment large kidney stonesPopov S.V., Orlov I.N., Martov A.G., Asfandiyarov F.R., Emel'yanenko A.V.
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Metabolic risk factors and urinary stone formation. Study IV: Prediction of the chemical composition of the stone in vivo according to metabolic parametersGolovanov S.A., Sivkov A.V., Prosyannikov M.Yu., Drozhzheva V.V.
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The role of phytotherapy in metaphylaxis of urolithiasis after extracorporeal lithotripsyDavidov M.I., Igoshev A.M.
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Androgenic screening in men after 50 years with prostate diseasesKamalov A.A., Vasilevskiy R.P., Ohobotov D.A., Neplohov E.A.
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Chronic pelvic pain and dysuria in patients with metabolic syndromeShkodkin S.V., Polischuk A.V., Chirkov S.V., Shushpanova K.D.
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Our experience in application of hexane extract of Serenoa Repens (Permixon) extract in case of chronic prostatitisSivkov A.V., Sinyuhin V.N., Prichepa V.V., Apolihin O.I.
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Peculiarities of infravesical obstructions caused by surgery of benign prostatic hyperplasia and their treatment in a single centerKogan M.I., Kryuchkova N.V., Gluhov V.P., Mitusov V.V., Sizyakin D.V., Bychkov A.A.
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Urethroplasty of neophallus with radial forearm flap with prefabrication of urethra by buccal graft (clinical case)Sokol'schik M.M., Kyzlasov P.S., Bokov A.I., Kolpacinidi F.G.
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Treatment of neurogenic bladder dysfunction and secondary enuresis in children and adolescentsMorozov V.I., Baybikov R.S., Zakirov A.K., Yul'metov G.A.
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Comparison of the results of the correction of the median and proximal hypospadias in children using the Graft Tubularized Incised Plate methodKagancov I.M., Surov R.V., Dubrov V.I., Svarich V.G., Golovin A.V.
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The role of markers of acute kidney damage in assessing kidney function with its ischemiaMiroshkina I.V., Grickevich A.A., Baytman T.P., P'yanikin S.S., Arevin A.G., Kalinin D.V., Demidova V.S., Teplov A.A.
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