Number №3, 2013

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Dynamics and prognosis of the benign prostatic hyperplasia morbidity in Nizhegorodsky regionApolihin O.I., Sevryukov F.A., Sorokin D.A., Karpuhin I.V., Puchkin A.B., Semenychev D.V., Kochkin A.D.
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Epidemiological analysis of prevalence and incidence of urolithiasis in the adult population of Irkutsk regionOnopko V.F., Zelenkova S.V., Botvinkin A.D.
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Effect of α-Tocopherol acetate and hyperbaric oxygenation on the adaptive capacity of the cortico-sympathetic-adrenal system in partial nephrectomyShormanov I.S., Dryazhenkov I.G., Los' M.S., Vorchalov M.M., Komlev D.L.
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Influence of the variable magnetic field on the solubility of the human organic minerals in the water solutions of the urea in vitroPopkov V.M., Usanov D.A., Usanov A.D., Rebrov V.G., Verhov D.G.
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Molecular-genetic alterations as criteria in differential diagnostics of rare renal tumorsApolihin O.I., Mihaylenko D.S., Mihal'chenko A.E., Zaletaev D.V., Efremov G.D., Sivkov A.V.
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Experience with the somatostatin analogues in the treatment of the castrationrefractory prostate cancerSivkov A.V., Efremov G.D., Rabinovich E.Z., Keshishev N.G., Kovchenko G.A., Prohorov S.A.
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Extraprostatic sources of the prostate specific antigenSivkov A.V., Gurbanov Sh.Sh., Keshishev N.G., Efremov G.D., Roschin D.A.
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High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy of prostate cancer local recurrenceSivkov A.V., Roschin D.A., Keshishev N.G., Shaderkin I.A., Coy A.A.
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Molecular-genetic markers of bladder cancer in clinical practiceSivkov A.V., Roschin D.A., Perepechin D.V., Nikonova L.M., Polozhenceva M.O.
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The search for the polymorphic variants of the gene candidates of urolithiasis in russian populationApolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Konstantinova O.V., Slominskiy P.A., Tupicyna T.V., Kalinichenko D.N.
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Rovatinex usage in pediatric urologyGudenko Yu.A., Kazanskaya I.V., Lobzhanidze Z.B.
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Preparation of patients with hypertension for minimally invasive methods of treating kidney stonesApolihin O.I., Davydova S.S.
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About interdependence and the importance of medico-biological factors affecting pregnancy in the treatment of infertility in married couplesYarman V.V., Mihaylichenko V.V., Novikov A.I., Dolgov G.V.
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High-precision evaluation of systemic endothelial function in the complex diagnosis of erectile disordersEfremov E.A., Dorofeev S.D., Mel'nik Ya.I., Kulikov A.O., Krasnyak S.S.
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Efficacy and safety of Urorec® (silodosin) in monotherapy of the patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia and chronic non-infectious prostatitis V.V. Dutov, A.A. RumyantsevDutov V.V., Rumyancev A.A.
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Purine metabolism disturbances in the urological practiceYarovoy S.K., Maksudov R.R.
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Minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotripsy: delicate and effective tool in the treatment of large kidney stonesMerinov D.S., Pavlov D.A., Fatihov R.R., Epishov V.A., Gurbanov Sh.Sh., Artemov A.V.
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Dependence of the efficacy and safety of the retrograde contact electroimpulse ureterolythotripsy on the stone location and sizeGudkov A.V., Boschenko V.S., Afonin V.Ya., Lozovskiy M.S.
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The current view of the pathophysiology of nocturiaProtoschak V.V., Cygan V.N., Shestaev A.Yu., Rassvetaev A.V., Haritonov N.N., Matich A.I., Gul'ko A.M., Kulay D.G.
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Nocturia: modern gender aspects of epydemiology, pathogenesis and diagnosticsTyuzikov I.A., Grekov E.A., Apetov S.S., Vorslov L.O., Kalinchenko S.Yu.
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Male sling as a rehabilitation procedure after operations due to prostate surgeryKachmazov A.A., Verzin A.V., Romih V.V., Perepechin D.V.
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