Number №3, 2015

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Use of telemedicine web platform NetHealth.ru as an instrument of a clinical support in urologyApolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Vladzimirskiy A.V., Shaderkin I.A., Coy A.A., Shaderkina V.A., Voytko D.A., Prosyannikov M.Yu., Zelenskiy M.M.
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Two-sided nephroprotective effect of novokain blockade in the experiment with one-sided ischemia-reperfusion of the kidneyKit O.I., Franciyanc E.M., Dimitriadi S.N., Kaplieva I.V., Trepitaki L.K., Shvyrev D.A., Cheryarina N.D., Pogorelova Yu.A.
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Functional interrelation and commonness in the regulation of the urinary bladder and prostateKirpatovskiy V.I., Bablumyan A.Yu., Mudraya I.S., Kabanova I.V., Nadtochiy O.N., Frolova E.V.
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Neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate cancer. Any news?Sivkov A.V., Keshishev N.G., Efremov G.D., Kovchenko G.A., Rabinovich E.Z., Trudov A.A., Nikonova L.M., Romih F.D.
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The role of certain viruses in the cancerogenesis of the bladder cancerLoran O.B., Sinyakova L.A., Gundorova L.V., Kosov V.A., Kosova I.V., Kolbasov D.N., Dol'nov I.A., Kononkov I.V., Kandinova Yu.V.
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Urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy (literature review)Kyzlasov P.S., Sokol'schik M.M., Baykova N.V., Samoylov A.S., Zabelin M.V.
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Prognostic factors of efficacy and safety for percutaneous nephrolithotripsy of large and staghorn stones of solitary kidneyYanenko E.K., Katibov M.I., Gadzhiev G.D., Merinov D.S.
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Efficacy of the hyperbaric oxygenation for the correction of spermatozoid DNA fragmentation in patients with idiopathic infertilityMetelev A.Yu., Bogdanov A.B., Ivkin E.V., Mitrohin A.A., Vodneva M.M., Veliev E.I., Loran O.B.
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Efficacy of Infemin in patients with low grade PIN and concurrent benign prostate hyperplasiaKiselev V.I., Druh V.M., Muyzhnek E.L., Kuznecov I.N., Andrianova E.A., Baranovskiy P.M.
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Non-transecting anastomotic urethroplasty is a new type of urethroplasty for short bulbar urethral strictureKotov S.V.
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Surgical treatment of patients with urolithiasis after radical cystectomy with intestinal cystoplastyKomyakov B.K., Guliev B.G., Sergeev A.V., Stecyuk E.A., Kas'yanenko S.S.
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Hematuria intensity after surgical treatment of urolithiasis: the role of individual platelet reactivity to agonistsBarinov E.F., Tverdohleb T.A., Kravchenko A.N., Barinova M.E.
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The experience with the medicamentous treatment of patients with urate urolithiasisKonstantinova O.V., Shaderkina V.A.
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Effect of the phytocompound Сanephron® N on the efficacy of the extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsyDavidov M.I., Igoshev A.M.
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Functional results of hypospadias correction based on uroflowmetry findingsRudin Yu.E., Romih V.V., Garmanova T.N., Maruhnenko D.V.
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Role of endopyelotomy for ureteropelvic junction obstruction in pediatric practiceRudin Yu.E., Arustamov L.D., Maruhnenko D.V., Lagutin G.V.
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Diagnostics and treatment peculiarities in newborns with acute scrotum syndromeShormanov I.S., Schedrov D.N., Vorchalov M.M.
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Apropos of pathogenesis of recurrent lower urinary tract infectionsPerepanova T.S., Volkova E.M.
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The fulminant gangrene of the scrotum (Fournier’s gangrene). Radiology (literature review)Prohorov A.V.
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Putative biomarkers of the detrusor overactivity in the diagnostics of the voiding dysfunction in patients with multiple sclerosisBazhenov I.V., Filippova E.S., Bazarnyy V.V., Sazonov S.V., Volkova M.I., Zayceva L.N., Mostovyh A.A., Potapov V.S.
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The evaluation of the social disadaptation and depression severity in patients with neurogenic urinary bladder dysfunction before and after botulinum toxin therapySivkov A.V., Romih V.V., Zaharchenko A.V., Panteleev V.V., Borisenko L.Yu., Panteleeva M.V.
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Surgical treatment of iatrogenic strictures and obliterations in the pelvic ureter in womenLoran O.B., Seregin A.V., Dovlatov Z.A.
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Extracorporeal resection of solitary kidney with trombectomy from the vena cava inferior with orthotopic replantation of the vessels in patient with renal cancerGrickevich A.A., P'yanikin S.S., Makrushin M.S., Zaharova M.A., Adyrhaev Z.A., Kozhanova A.V., Stepanova Yu.A., Zotikov A.E., Teplov A.A.
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Gigant renal liposarcomaShkodkin S.V., Shevcov Yu.N., Idashkin Yu.B., Lyubushkin A.V., Parichuk A.S.
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