Number №3, 2015 - page 4-10

Use of telemedicine web platform NetHealth.ru as an instrument of a clinical support in urology

Apolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Vladzimirskiy A.V., Shaderkin I.A., Coy A.A., Shaderkina V.A., Voytko D.A., Prosyannikov M.Yu., Zelenskiy M.M.

We conducted a study to justify a rationale for the choice of optimum solutions for telemedical consultation in urology the instrument of choice is a web-based platform and mobile application NetHealth.ru. The solution was developed in 2012 for the Institute of Urology; its distinguishing feature is the presence of two options medical distant consilia and patient-centered distant consultations. The telemedicine network based on a web platform NetHealth.ru is fully reliable from a technical point of view, and distant concilia conducted with its help have a 100.0% positive impact on the diagnostic and treatment process organization and control of health care management. As a result of 543 telemedicine consultations 100% of patients were promptly hospitalized, of which 51,9 % underwent major surgical manipulations. Most often patients s ubmitted had following disorders of the genitourinary system 59,5% urolithiasis and neoplasms 33.3% (in most cases, malignant). The leading recommendations were percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy 39.0% of cases and radical prostatectomy 14.0%. Due to the use of telemedicine necessary clinical decisions were made quickly, and the logistics of patients was significantly improved and optimized. An important area for further work is indepth study of diagnostic and clinical efficacy, the development of organizational, methodical and regulatory frameworks of teleurology, as well as the widest possible implementation of training, including remote, telemedicine skills. It was shown that telemedicine consultation is a reliable and effective tool for achieving equality in access and quality of urological care. 

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urological care organization, telemedicine, teleconsultation, web-based platform NetHealth.ru

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