Number №1, 2018DOI: doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1

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Prevalence of lower urinary tractsymptoms in men according to the results of population researchApolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Zolotuhin O.V., Shaderkin I.A., Voytko D.A., Prosyannikov M.Yu., Ivanov V.M., Golovanov S.A., Katibov M.I.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-4-12, page 4-12 Download
Model of a patient-centered system of urological health care using eHealth technologiesApolihin O.I., Perhov V.I., Shaderkin I.A., Vladzimirskiy A.V.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-14-18, page 14-18 Download


Interaction of systemic and local homeostasis disturbances in patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis III-B (Experimental study)Shormanov I.S., Mozhaev I.I., Sokolova H.A., Ryzhkov A.I., Shormanova N.S.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-20-27, page 20-27 Download
The influence of anti-ischemic therapy on the recovery of urinary bladder function after acute urinary retentionKirpatovskiy V.I., Bablumyan A.Yu., Golovanov S.A., Drozhzheva V.V., Adamyan N.K., Muradyan A.A., Kudryavceva L.V., Frolova E.V.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-28-35, page 28-35 Download
Laser-mediated tripsy: a controlled disintegration of urinary stonesStrel'cova O.S., Pochtin D.P., Antipov O.L., Eranov I.D., Grebenkin E.V.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-36-39, page 36-39 Download


HIFU hemiablation in patients with localized prostate cancerAboyan I.A., Galstyan A.M., Bad'yan K.I., Pakus S.M.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-42-47, page 42-47 Download
The effectiveness and the mechanism of action of Indigal, Indigalplus, Infemin in prostate cancerSivkov A.V., Kirpatovskiy V.I.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-48-58, page 48-58 Download


Choice of the method and duration of drainage of the calyx-pelvis kidney system after endoureterotomy in patients with and without previously established nephrostomy drainageChernysheva D.Yu., Popov S.V., Orlov I.N.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-60-65, page 60-65 Download


Urolithiasis and metabolic syndrome. The pathophysiology of stone formationGadzhiev N.K., Malhasyan V.A., Mazurenko D.A., Guseynov M.A., Tagirov N.S.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-66-75, page 66-75 Download
Ligature-indused calculis in post-renal transplant patientsTrushkin R.N., Lubennikov A.E., Surkov P.T.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-76-78, page 76-78 Download
A normographic method for calculating urinary ion activity in patients with calcium oxalate urolithiasisBat'ko A.B., Zaboin V.N.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-79-83, page 79-83 Download
Metabolic risk factors and formation of urinary stones. Study III: Effect of urine pHGolovanov S.A., Sivkov A.V., Polikarpova A.M., Drozhzheva V.V., Andryuhin M.I., Prosyannikov M.Yu.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-84-90, page 84-90 Download


Laparoscopic accessin retropubic adenomectomy versus traditional access. Little experience amidst a considerable oneKotov S.V., Mamaev I.E., Yusufov A.G., Guspanov R.I., Perov R.A., Belomytcev S.V., Pronkin E.A., Glinin K.I., Makarchenko A.V., Popova M.B., Shoaydarov M.A., Ahmedov K.K., Serouhov A.Yu.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-92-98, page 92-98 Download
Complex treatment of patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis using hypercapnic hypoxiaMaksimova S.S., Neymark A.I.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-96-99, page 96-99 Download
Application of Miraxant complex drug for treating men with idiopathic sterility: a clinical caseEfremov E.A., Korshunov M.N., Zolotuhin O.V., Madykin Yu.Yu., Krasnyak S.S.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-100-104, page 100-104 Download
Prospective non-comparative study on the effectiveness and safety of Alpha, a dietary supplement for treating patients with hypogonadismEfremov E.A., Korshunov M.N., Zolotuhin O.V., Madykin Yu.Yu., Krasnyak S.S.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-106-110, page 106-110 Download


The choice of surgical treatment of patients with contracted urinary bladders of tubercular etiologyChibirov K.H., Semenov S.A., Gorbunov A.I., Semchenko A.F., Komyakov B.K., Kurenkov A.V.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-118-122, page 118-122 Download


Epidemiological assessment of risk factors for varicocele in adolescents Chirkina T.M., Dushenkova T.A., Rischuk S.V., Aslanov B.I., Mirskiy V.E., Gurova M.I., Bulahova O.K.
DOI: Doi 10.29188/2222-8543-2018-9-1-112-116, page 112-116 Download

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