Number №2-3, 2011

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Prostate cancer morbidity in RussiaChissov V.I., Rusakov I.G.
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Ways of prostate cancer treatment standartization in RussiaApolihin O.I., Katibov M.I., Shaderkin I.A.
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Is there а place for minimally invasive treatment option in prostate cancer management?Gerbert Lepor
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Innovative approaches in prostate cancer diagnosticsBob Dzhavan
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Prostate cancer markersPushkar' D.Yu., Govorov A.V.
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The potentials of modern methods of prostate cancer visualization in complex examinationZubarev A.V.
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Ultrasound and MRI fusion technology in diagnostics of prostate cancerKapustin V.V.
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Locolized prostate cancer treatment choice: current trendsBratslavskiy G.
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Interstitial radiation therapy (brachytherapy) for prostate cancer – 10 years experience in RussiaSivkov A.V., Oschepkov V.N., Zhernov A.A., Koryakin A.V.
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TURP and brachytherapy in prostate cancer treatmentZhuravlev V.N., Zyryanov A.V., Bazhenov I.V., Zhuravlev O.V.
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Cs131-brachytherapy for prostate cancerVil'yam Kavana
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Cryoablation of prostate cancerMurav'ev V.
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Experience of prostate cancer cryoablationGovorov A.V., Ivanov V.Yu., Pushkar' D.Yu.
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World experience of prostate cancer HIFU-therapyKristian Shossi
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HIFU-therapy of prostate cancerApolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Shaderkin I.A., Keshishev N.G., Kovchenko G.A.
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Salvage therapy options of prostate cancerApolihin O.I., Sivkov A.V., Oschepkov V.N., Keshishev N.G., Shaderkin I.A.
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New less invasive techniques for prostate cancer treatmentAlekseev B.Ya.
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Neoadjuvant and adjuvant hormone therapy of prostate cancerRusakov I.G., Savkov R.V.
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LHRH antagonists – new approach to hormone therapy of prostate cancerSivkov A.V., Zhernov A.A.
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Prostate cancer ablative techniques: immunologic aspectsVil'yam Kavana
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Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: Russian experiensPushkar' D.Yu., Rasner P.I., Govorov A.V., Kolontarev K.B.
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Cytoreductive methods of prostate cancer treatmentViland V.F.
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Endoscopic treatment of postbrachytherapy obstructive complicationsMartov A.G.
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Urinary derivation after minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancerKaprin A.D.
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Urinary incontinence and LUTS in patients after treatment of prostate cancerRomih V.V.
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Photodynamic methods of diagnostics and treatment of prostate and kidney cancer: new possibilitiesChernyshev I.V., Altunin D.V., Samsonov Yu.V., Kallaev K.K.
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Possibilities of visualization methods in diagnostics and monitoring of kidney tumorsAlyaev Yu.G., Ahvlediani N.D., Fiev D.N., Petrovskiy N.V.
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Biopsy of renal tumors: an opinion “pro”Kaprin A.D., Kostin A.A.
page 98-99 Download
Biopsy of renal tumors: an opinion “rather con”Kachmazov A.A.
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Ideal patient for laparoscopic and open partial nephrectomyChernyshev I.V., Perepechin D.V.
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Robot-assisted partial nephrectomyKrishnanat Gaytond
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Cryoablation of kidney tumorsZhernov A.A., Koryakin A.V.
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Radiofrequency interstitial thermoablation (RFA) of kidney cancerPavlov A.Yu., Klimenko A.A., Momdzhan B.K., Ivanov S.A.
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Second-line target therapy in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinomaRusakov I.G.
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