Number №3, 2015 - page 132-137

Extracorporeal resection of solitary kidney with trombectomy from the vena cava inferior with orthotopic replantation of the vessels in patient with renal cancer

Grickevich A.A., P'yanikin S.S., Makrushin M.S., Zaharova M.A., Adyrhaev Z.A., Kozhanova A.V., Stepanova Yu.A., Zotikov A.E., Teplov A.A.

Renal function should be maximally preserved during the renal surgery being a critical parameter for the length of the patients’ life. We describe a clinical case of the patient, 38 years old, with the renal cancer of the solitary kidney (right side) complicated with the invasion of the vena cava inferior (VCI). According to the method, developed in our institution, patient was operated on using the partial nephrectomy ex vivo with the pharmacologic and cold ischemia and the simultant trombectomy from the VCI and orthotopic replantation of the renal vessels. This new method allows for the extracorporeal resection of the renal tumors with reconstruction of the vessels and collection system of any complexity grade and duration including the microsurgery technique. 

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extracorporeal resection, kidney resection ex vivo, thrombus, Kustodiol, renalcellcarcinoma

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