Number №3, 2015 - page 138-140

Gigant renal liposarcoma

Shkodkin S.V., Shevcov Yu.N., Idashkin Yu.B., Lyubushkin A.V., Parichuk A.S.

The effect of chemoradiotherapy, targeted and immunotherapy to primary kidney tumor is virtually absent, therefore, the surgical approach is the main treatment for these patients. Surgery of "large" tumors of kidney associated with a number of technical problems. This may be due to disruption of the anatomy due to the dislocation of adjacent organs, vascular invasion and the development of collateral circulation, involvement in the process of tumor of the liver, pancreas, spleen. Nephrectomy in these patients requires resection of adjacent organs, thrombectomy, and vascular reconstruction. There is no common position on the indications for prosthetics department abdominal inferior vena cava and the materials used. The article shows the clinical observation of the patient with a tumor of the right kidney weight of 17.1 kg. Ultrasonography and helical computed tomography performed before surgery revealed no vascular problems. On operation was diagnosed circular compression of the renal department of the inferior vena cava. 

The patients underwent nephrectomy with resection and prosthetic department renal inferior vena cava. Venous ischemia for 40 minutes did not result in an ischemic damage of the contralateral kidney. Morphologically, the tumor presented as a liposarcoma. Within 2 years the patient has no disease progression. An ultrasound and spiral computed tomography revealed a satisfactory function of the vascular prosthesis. 

In view of the objective reasons "large" kidney tumor change habitual anatomy that requires careful analysis on the preoperative stage. 

Prosthetics inferior vena cava provides good functional results and should be used in these patients. 

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cancer of the kidney, renal cell carcinoma, radical nephrectomy, prosthesis inferior vena cava

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