Number №3, 2013 - page 18-20

Influence of the variable magnetic field on the solubility of the human organic minerals in the water solutions of the urea in vitro

Popkov V.M., Usanov D.A., Usanov A.D., Rebrov V.G., Verhov D.G.

The goal of this study was to establish the impact made by urea on the process of dissolving of organomineral compounds in water solution, including the one which was processed by 2 Hz frequency alternating magnetic field (AMF), in vitro. Solubility of organominerals in experiment was evaluated by finding the portion of organic component of urinary concrement using the spectrophotometric and gravimetric analysis. It is shown that optical density of dissolved organominerals in urea solution after 4 hours with active AMF was 21.5 times higher than optical density after dissolving in distilled water. When there was no influence of AMF the optical density in urea solution was about 20.4 higher than in control solution. Also, after 4 hours of dissolving the minerals, gravimetric method determined that simple water dissolved 8.14% of initial specimen mass, urea solution without AMF – 29.02%, urea solution processed by 2 Hz AMF – 31.15%. This demonstrates the effectiveness of using the urea to facilitate the dissolving of human urinary concrements in vitro, with or without AMF.

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