Number №3, 2013 - page 100-106

Dependence of the efficacy and safety of the retrograde contact electroimpulse ureterolythotripsy on the stone location and size

Gudkov A.V., Boschenko V.S., Afonin V.Ya., Lozovskiy M.S.

Aim: to estimate efficacy and safety of the retrograde contact electroimpulse ureterolithotripsy (RECULT) depending on the stone size and location.

Materials and methods: this study included 520 patients with single ureteric stones, which underwent RECULT using lithotripter ‘Urolith-105M’. Results: the overall efficacy of the RECULT was 94.2% and was no dependent on the stone location in lower, middle or upper third of the ureter – 94.0%, 91.4% and 95% accordingly. Stone-free rate aer first procedure in patients with stones smaller than 10 mm was 87%, larger than 10 mm – 67.8%, the rate of repeat interventions – 6.2% and 22%, accordingly. Primary efficacy of the RECULT for upper ureter stones was 73.8%, middle ureter stones – 82.8% and lower third ureter stones – 92.5%: the frequency of the repeated procedures – 20.2%, 8.6% and 2.5%, accordingly. Intraoperative complications of the RECULT were accounted in 2.3% of the cases (ureter perforation 0.8%, retropulsation 1.5%). Postoperatively 25.7% of the patients encountered a renal colic, which was treated interventionally in 9.4% of the patients. Other postoperative complications (different forms of pyelonephritis) were evident in 4% of the cases and were more often to occur in patients with upper ureter stones.

Conclusions: RECULT is an effective and safe method for operative treatment of the stones of any location in the ureter and could be recommended for wide use.

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