Number №3, 2013 - page 83-87

Efficacy and safety of Urorec® (silodosin) in monotherapy of the patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia and chronic non-infectious prostatitis V.V. Dutov, A.A. Rumyantsev

Dutov V.V., Rumyancev A.A.

Aim: evaluation of the efficacy and safety of the new uroselective alpha-blocker silodosin (Urorec®) in the monotherapy of the patients with the combination of two illnesses: benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic non-infectious prostatitis (CNIP).

Materials and methods: 60 patients were included in the study, split in two groups, containing 30 patients each. The patients of the first group received silodosin 8 mg once a day for 3 months. The patients of the second group (control) received a Serenoa repens based phytotherapie. There were no significant differences between the groups of the patients regarding the age, prostate volume, residual urine, Qmax, inflammation level in the prostate secret, IPSS score, heart rate and arterial pressure.

Results: 3-months course of silodosin 8 mg once a day led to the symptomatic improvement, quality of life improvement, decrease in the prostate size and increase in Qmax. The most prominent clinical effect was evident in patients, who, according to the transrectal dopplerographie, had an improvement in the blood flow through the prostate tissues. Among the side effects in patients on silodosin a general weakness is to consider during first day of treatment which was always absent by the end of the day 2. No patient needed to cancel the treatment.

Conclusion: silodosin is an effective medication for prolonged and continual treatment of the patients with both BPH and CNIP.

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