Number №3, 2013 - page 72-78

About interdependence and the importance of medico-biological factors affecting pregnancy in the treatment of infertility in married couples

Yarman V.V., Mihaylichenko V.V., Novikov A.I., Dolgov G.V.

A brief review of the literature analysis of the importance and interdependence of the main factors influencing the occurrence of pregnancy as a pair in the treatment of infertility was done. ese include the age of the woman, ovarian reserve, semen and duration of infertility. In our opinion sexual сonstitution is the medical-biological factor that must be considered when assessing fertility partners. Invariably significant factor in the prediction of pregnancy are, impregnating ability to ejaculate. The infertility is more common in males with delayed development with a weak type of sexual сonstitution. Dynamics of indicators of the semen and pregnancy of the couple on the background of pathogenetic therapy correlates with the type of sexual сonstitution men. For the prediction of treatment of infertility in women of exceptional importance is the ovarian reserve and their age. In this age of menarche is the leading symptom of type of sexual сonstitution women, changing through time. The presence of menstrual function and even ovulation does not reflect the reproductive capacity of women. Insufficient information content of the woman's age as an indicator of the reproductive capacity of ovarian dictates the necessity of the development of tests that determine individual biological age of a woman, perhaps connected with the type of sexual сonstitution. In this regard, the study of sexual сonstitution partners is of great scientific and practical interest.

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