Duplicate publications and retraction polity


The “Experimental and Clinical Urology” editorial board declares its support for the scientific fairness policy and active cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences Commission for the prevention of the scientific research falsifications.

An article may be retracted in accordance with the recommendations of the Association of Science Editors and Publishers (ANRI) Scientific Publications Ethical Council in following cases:

  • detection of plagiarism in the publication;
  • duplication of an article in several editions;
  • detection of fraud or fabrication in the study (for example, tampering with experimental data);
  • detection of serious errors in the work (for example, incorrect interpretation of the results), which casts doubt on its scientific value;
  • incorrect composition of authors (there is no one who is worthy to be an author or persons who do not meet the criteria of authorship are included);
  • hidden conflict of interest (and other violations of publication ethics);
  • republishing an article without the author consent;
  • the article had no peer-review process.

Actions of the editorial board to retract the article:

  • Editorial board Informs the authors about the retraction of the article with the date, the output of the article, the reason for retraction.
  • The journal’s website publishes an announcement on the article retraction indicating its title, authors, and date of retraction.
  • On the journal’s website, the article’s page is marked “retracted + date of retraction”.
  • Information about the article retraction is submitted to the NEB, RSCI.

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