Number №4, 2010 - page 38-42

Antioxidant Therapy in Male Fertility Reduction

Evdokimov V.V., Korshunov M.N., Korshunova E.S., Aybyatov D.T., Rabinovich E.Z., Gerasimenya V.P., Zaharov S.V.

Introduction. Extensive studies of different kinds of sperm pathologies medication management were conducted in recent two decades. It was shown that sperm cell motility reduction might be caused by lipid peroxidation activation in cells. Objective. To determine the influence of medications with proved antioxidant activity on ejaculate fertile indications in males with idiopathic infertility. Materials and methods. 39 patients' with idiopathic infertility ejaculate was surveyed. Following medications were used in our research: ovodorin, mexidol, semax. In series of experiments different concentrations of medication were added to ejaculate samples. Sperm cells activity changes were determinated after 1, 3 and 24 hours of incubation in a room temperature. Membranous integrity was checked by 1% solution of eosine infusion in cell and red coloration. Conclusion. Results of research show that mexidol has a significant effect on sperm cells activity and membranous integrity in vitro and in vivo. Semax creates conditions for sperm cells activity stimulation. Ovodorin improves ejaculate characteristics in patients with sperm pathology. Medications described can be proposed for treatment in patients with idiopathic infertility and for preparation of ejaculate for assisted reproductive technologies.

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