Number №2, 2016 - page 28-32

A clinical case of a penile cancer therapy by method of high doses brachytherapy (HDB)

Gavrilova M.A., Sadykova E.V., Logvinenko A.V., Capenkov N.A., Znobischev V.G., Lykov A.V., Kel'n A.A., Oschepkov V.N.

Penile cancer is a rare oncological disease, occurring with a frequency of 0,1-7,9 per 100 000 male population. In Russia, the incidence in 2014 was 0.82 cases per 100 000 male population, and continues to grow steadily in the dynamics of the past 10 years. Clinically, exophytic or flat lesions on the skin of the glans penis characterize the disease or foreskin of the penis, which can infiltrates spongy and / or cavernous corpuses. Now no standard of treatment penile cancer and no consensus concerning radiation therapy. This case demonstrates the capabilities of brachytherapy in the organ-sparring treatment of localized cancer of the glans penis. Patient has been underwent an aggressive protocol: 54 Gy hypo-hyperfractionized 60Co HDR brachytherapy 3 Gy twice a day and five times weekly. Good cosmetic result and sexual rehabilitation have been provided within one month. No severe early complications have been observed. This case report draws for professionals of oncourology. 

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests. 

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penile cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, brachytherapy

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