Number №3, 2012 - page 39-46

The correlation of metabolic syndrome components and hormonal disorders in prostate diseases pathogenesis

Tyuzikov I.A., Martov A.G., Grekov E.A.

In the literary review modern data of pathophisyological role of one of the most actual modern medicine problems - Metabolic Syndrome - and associated Hormonal and Metabolic disorders at men in Prostate Diseases Pathogenesis are stated.

Such Pathophisyological mechanisms as Obesity, Lipotoxity, Insulin Resistance, Systemic Oxidative Stress, Androgen Deficiency, which unsufficiently often are covered in special Urological literature, in detail considered. Besides, there are new literature data about the role of Prolactin and Growth Hormone in Prostate Diseases Pathogenesis are described for Urologists. The authors in the debatable form state the own point of view on some already known aspects of multifactorial Pathogenesis of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Inflammatory Prostate Diseases, proving necessity to consider them as original urological markers of system Hormonal and Metabolic disbalance at men. The authors confirm the concept by the appropriate data of last epidemiological, clinical and experimental researches accessible in the modern literature. The necessity of study of Prostate Diseases Pathogenesis Mechanisms from the point of interdisciplinary approach was shown on the large bibliographic material. It will allow to move a theoretical basis for development and introduction of Pathogenetic Diagnostics and Treatment methods of this wide spread Urological Pathology 

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