Number №1, 2017 - page 68-72

Diagnostic capabilities of penile scintigraphy in patients with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction

Kaprin A.D., Kostin A.A., Kul'chenko N.G., Fomin D.K., Popov S.V., Kruglov D.P., Mangutov F.Sh.

Introdiction. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a constant or periodic inability of maintaining or achieving erection, sufficient enough for having sexual intercourse. Organic ED usually arises due to vascular disorders. Endothelial dysfunction has considerable significance in the development of ED. The impairment of blood flow, as well atherosclerosis of coronary arteries, may trigger ED. Vas-culogenic ED usually accounts for the necessity of complex, extended diagnostics with the use of not only Doppler ultrasound, but maybe other methods of radiodiagnostics.

The aim of the study was to improve the efficiency of ED diagnostics with the use of penile scintigraphy, a minimally invasive method

Materials and methods. We examined 88 male patients with complaints of erection disorders, who were 55±6 years old. All patients filled the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) and the Aging Male Screening (AMS) questionnaires. The also underwent penile ultrasonography and penile scintigraphy.

Results. According to the data obtained from penile ultrasonography, 50 patients (56.8%) demonstrated the signs of ED. Penile arterial insufficiency was found in 21 patients (23.6%), venoocclusive ED was found in 17 patients (19.3%) and mixed ED - in 10 patients (11.3%). 38 patients (43.2%) did not demonstrate any structural changes, according to the results of penile pharmacodopplerography.

No pathological changes were found in 12 men (13.6%), according to the results of radioisotope penile scintigraphy, so that ED was denoted as psychogenic in those cases. Arterial ED was found in 27 patients (30.6%), venoocclusive ED - in 21 patients (23.9%). 28 patients (31.9%) demonstrated the impairment of microcirculation in the cavernous bodies.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interest

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erectile dysfunction, diagnostics, penile scintigraphy

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