Number №4, 2015 - page 22-26

Diagnostic value of the portable urine analyzer "ETTA AMP-01" as a tool for self-monitoring in mHealth and screening in primary care

Shaderkin I.A., Vladzimirskiy A.V., Voytko D.A., Prosyannikov M.Yu., Zelenskiy M.M., Coy A.A.

Urinalysis is the most commonly used method of assessing and monitoring of the patient in urological practice. 

Objective: to estimate the diagnostic value of the portable urine analyzer "ETTA AMP-01" for subsequent use as a tool for patient-centered urology (mHealth) with proven efficacy. 

Materials and Methods. Results of 109 patients urine analysis performed with a portable urine analyzer ETTA AMP-01 and standard tools of laboratory examination were compared. Protein, urobilinogen, erythrocytes, leukocytes, ketone bodies, glucose and nitrite were identified. We assessed diagnostic consideration, sensitivity and specificity; all results are staistically reliable. Corresponding rates in comparison to standard laboratory methods are as follows: protein 0.69, 46.77%, 100.00%; urobilinogen 0.98, 40.00%, 100.00%; erythrocytes 0.91, 74%, 93.55%; leukocytes 0.85, 67.35%, 100.00%; ketone bodies 0.98, 71.43%, 100.00%; glucose 0.99, 66.67%, 100.00%; nitrites 0.96, 100.00%, 95.79%. 

Diagnostic accuracy: 0,69-0,99 (> 0.9 for 5 out of 7 indicators). 

The specificity of the analyzer: 93,6100,0% (average 0.99 ± 0.03). What characterizes the analyzer to be more specific than sensitive diagnostic device that is common to many screening tools. 

Conclusion. Studied method is a specific diagnostic test with high predictive value and diagnostic accuracy. 

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urine analysis, urine analyzer, test strips, screening, mHealth.

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