Number №2, 2015 - page 93-100

Distant education in andrology: history, reality, perspectives

Kazachenko A.V., Shaderkin I.A., Krasnyak S.S., Kasatonova E.V.

Distance education is rapidly captures the enormous audience. Massive online open courses are offered by best universities in the world such as Stanford, Harvard, Berkley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the next 10 years, the audience of some educational platforms will exceed one billion people. Digitalization and the use of modern communication technologies could lead to radical changes in the most conservative area of education – medical education. There are several objective reasons for this. Distant medical education could be one of the tools for removing territorial issue that pulls the social problems in the future for the Russia. The world largest country, with leading universities located only in the metropolitan area. It makes initially unequal starting point for future doctors. Not all of the young doctors can go even to the regional centers for additional education. At the same time need for quality further education is growing. This is largely true for Andrology. In order to solve the existing problems leading scientific and educational centers in cooperation with the representatives of professional public organizations created a distant program of additional professional training "Andrology". It was created by leading specialists from Russia and Europe. The curriculum is an adapted version of the German andrological training programme and includes both lectures and practical courses.

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