Number №1, 2019 - page 108-114

Emergency urological care in case of scrotal and testicular injury (results of a retrospective analysis) DOI: 10.29188/2222-8543-2019-11-1-108-114

Yarovoy S.K., Hromov R.A.
Information about authors:

Yarovoy S.K. – Dr.Sc., N. Lopatkin Research Institute of urology and Interventional Radiology – branch of the National Medical Research Centre of Radiology of Ministry of health of Russian Federation; Pletnev‘s municipal clinical hospital of the dept. of health service, Moscow e-mail: yarovoy.sk@yandex.ru
Khromov R.A. – urologist of Pletnev‘s municipal clinical hospital of the dept. of health service, Moscow, e-mail: dr.r.khromov@gmail.com


Data of 414 patients with scrotal and testicular trauma who were treated by Moscow emergency andrology service in 2008-2017 is presented in this paper.

There was a trend towards uncomplicated course and organ preservation in group of patientswho underwent urgentsurgical intervention when compared to patients who were managed conservatively. In nonsurgical group there was a significantly higher incidence of orchitis when compared to surgically treated patients.

In testicular contusion with hematocele it isreasonable to perform emergency surgery in any volume of hematocele. When testicular integrity is compromised it isreasonable to startwith an attempt of organsparing surgery, even in a complete transverse rupture. On the contrary, primary orchidectomy should be reserved for cases when there are absolute indications, such as crush injury and spermatic cord avulsion.

Type of organ-sparing technique should be defined by clinical situation and surgeon’s skill: all studied techniques were almost identical in efficacy. In isolated scrotal trauma surgical intervention is absolutely indicated only in penetrating trauma or tense hematoma.

In other cases it is possible to rely on symptomatic therapy.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests.

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scrotal trauma, testicular trauma, orchectomy, resection of the testicle, testicle revision

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