Number №3, 2014 - page 10-13

Expert analysis of pediatric uroandrological care organizationon the example of Stavropol city

Murav'eva V.N., Zenin V.V., Panchenko I.A., Pavlenko I.V., Mihalev V.E.

This article contains the results of the sociologic investigation of expert opinions from 61 specialists. Among them 18% (n=11) were pediatric urologists-andrologists, 27.9% (n=17) – pediatric surgeons and 54.1% (n=33) – urologists. The aim of study was the expert investigation of the organization of pediatric uroandrological care in Stavropols city.

Analysis shows that specialists were underinformed in questions of patient logistics. So, 45,5% of urologists and 29,4% of pediatric surgeons treat male patients with genital system oliscase alone and don’t refer these children in medical institutions. Also a deficiency of the specialists was denoted (3 vacant working positions for pediatric urologists-andrologists in ambulatory care). The organizational level of the pediatric uroandrological care was considered to be lower in Stavropol as it was for adult care.

Nevertheless, prophylaxis of genital system disorders in male pediatric patients seems to be of high interest among the specialists. In prophylaxis, according to the study, were involved 75,4 % of respondents; among 47,3% (n=9) pediatric surgeons, which had not attended the refresher courses, more than a half (77,8%, n=7) are not involved in prophylaxis issues. Drawing a conclusion, almost all specialists, who have participated in the study, noticed the necessity of the additional education in area of pediatric urology and andrology.

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