Number №1, 2014 - page 10-15

Interrelation between neural control of urinary bladder and prostate during different phases of bladder activity

Kabanova I.V., Mudraya I.S., Nadtochiy O.N., Kirpatovskiy V.I.

In narcotized dogs, electrical impedances of prostate and urinary bladder were recorded simultaneously with vesical pressure to assess neural control and circulation in these organs in vivo with the method of bioimpedance harmonic analysis. Regional sympathetic and parasympathetic activities were assessed by the magnitude of Mayer (M) and respiratory (R) peaks, correspondingly. Circulation in these organs was evaluated according to the magnitude of the first pulsatile (cardiac) harmonic C1. During the storage phase, the changes in vesical tone were observed by alterations in vesical pressure and base impedance. Similarly, the changes in base impedance of prostate were employed to monitor the variations of its smooth muscle tone. Both organs demonstrated certain regular changes in spectrum parameters characterizing neurogenic and pulsatile regional activity related to the changes in vesical pressure, bladder tone, and contractions of detrusor in various phases of its performance. The storage phase and the episodes of decrease in tonic vesical pressure were accompanied with elevation of sympathetic activity accompanied by a parallel increase of parasympathetic activity in prostate. During voiding or in the periods of elevation of tonic pressure in the urinary bladder, the vesical parasympathetic activity increased accompanied by elevation of sympathetic activity in prostate. Filling of urinary bladder was paralleled by elevation of vesical circulation and moderation of pulsatile activity in prostate. Simultaneous bioimpedance harmonic analysis of urinary bladder and prostate revealed closely coupled regulation of these organs during various phases of the work of the lower urinary pathways.

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