Number №1, 2017 - page 116-119

Laparoscopic uretero-ureteroanastomosis with it’s own ureter of the recipient

Trushkin R.N., Lubennikov A.E., Kolesnikov N.O.

The paper presents a clinical case of laparoscopic reconstruction of the urinary tract due to the stricture of the lower third of the ureter (2 cm in length) of the transplanted kidney. The ureteroureteroanastomosis between the ureter of the transplanted kidney and patient’s ipsilateral ureter was formed. Prior to the surgery, percutaneous рuncture nephrostomy of the transplanted kidney was performed. Antegrade ureteral stent placement was also conducted. Reconstructive surgery was performed three months later, when the levels of creatinine and urea in the blood serum lowered and stabilized. The surgery lasted 240 minutes, with the minimal blood loss. The ureteral stent was removed after 6 weeks. After the results of antegrade pyeloureterography, which was performed two days later, no impairment of passage of a contrast agent was found, which therefore lead to the removal of the nephrostomic drainage. No development of azotemia was recorded during the monitoring period of three months.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests

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ureteric strictures after kidney transplantation, uretero-uretero anastomosis, laparoscopy

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