Number №1, 2016 - page 70-76

Our experience with retroperitoneoscopy for pyoinflammatory diseases of kidneys and retroperitoneum

Kadyrov Z.A., Ribun V.V., Odilov A.Yu.

We have performed a comparison of the efficacy for retroperitoneoscopic and open surgical operative treatment in patients with pyoinflammatory diseases of kidneys and retroperitoneum and carried out the analysis of complications.

Sixty six patients were included with pyoinflammatory diseases of kidneys and retroperitoneum. In 33 patients (50%) treatment was retroperitoneoscopic, in other 33 patients (50%) open surgical. Comparison of these groups allowed us to make a conclusion of high efficacy of endoscopic technique together with its minimal traumatization. Minimal operative trauma, early mobilization, low level of complications, absence of recurrences, cosmetic effects significantly improve the quality of life of the patients in early and late postoperative periods.

From the surgical point of view retroperitoneal access allows exclusion of infection and manipulations in the peritoneum, which decreases the risk of paresis postoperatively, as well that of iatrogenic injury.

Drawing a conclusion, retroperitoneoscopy could be used widely in urological practice as method alternative to open surgery, given the good visualization, minimal operation trauma, possibility of adequate drainage of pyogenic foci in hardly accessed regions, minimization of the opioid analgesia and quick rehabilitation of patients.

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kidney pyoinflammatory diseases, retroperitoneoscopy, percutaneous nephrostomy, traditional sergery

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