Number №4, 2016 - page 122-126

Remote monitoring of the patient after endoscopic correction of the right ureter opening

Garmanova T.N., Shaderkin I.A., Coy A.A.

Remote monitoring has great opportunities for clinicians in the rehabilitation of patients and the prevention of complications in the late postoperative period. In urological practice remote monitoring of urine status can be considered as one of the most important.

This publication is dedicated to remote monitoring of 1.5 years old patient with congenital malformations of the genitourinary system, left multicystic dysplastic kidney, 2nd - 3rd degree vesicoureteral reflux in a single functioning right kidney, chronic pyelonephritis, latent course.

In May 2015 the patient was hospitalized in the community due to hyperthermia. The survey showed signs of inflammatory changes in the blood and urine, according to the US - the echo signs pyeloectasia, dilatation of the right ureter. The was drained by urethral catheter, pyelonephritis attack was stopped.

On July 6th 2015 the patient underwent diagnostic cystoscopy, endoscopic correction of the right ureter opening with bulking agent. At the beginning of June 2016 the patient’s parents started performing in-home urinalysis with a portable urine analyzer "ETTA AMP-01".

More than 120 tests were performed during the observation period (almost daily). As a result, none of the tests showed presence of leukocyte esterase, erythrocytes or nitrites in urine. Clinical manifestations of urinary tract infections for the entire period were also not observed. An important role was shown in the differential diagnosis of any episode of hyperthermia. Patient monitoring continues.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests.

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remote monitoring, urine test at home, vesicoureteral reflux, portable urine analyzer, ETTA AMP-01

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