Number №3, 2014 - page 14-19

Renoprotective activity of fumarat-based solution for infusion during ischemia and reperfusion of the kidney (experimental study)

Popov S.V., Sivak K.V., Guseynov R.G., Borisenko M.B., Skryabin O.N., Yablonskiy P.K., Suleymanov M.M., Vitovskaya M.L., Schegoleva R.A., Zabolotnyh N.V.

The arsenal of tools for pharmacologic protection of the kidney during the nephron-sparing surgery is very limited, which warrants the constant search for new pharmacological agents, which could provide antihypoxic, antiischemic and renoprotective effects. To understand the mechanism of ischemic kidney injury the blood level of the lipocalin-2 was studied in experiment among the other early markers outlining the early biochemical shiths in the blood as the reaction to the warm ischemia of various durations. “Konfumin” medium was although studied as the protective pharmacological agent during the warm ischemia of the kidney. The renoprotective action of this agent was confirmed. Perspectivity of this form of sodium fumarate was related to the high concentration of the active substance (15%), which helps to avoid the fluid overload of the circulation during the oliguria and anuria in some patients with complicated kidney cancer from one side, and to the absence of the additional transport vector to mitochondria (which is not necessary for fumarate) and to antimycotic activity, from the other side. This experiment showed that pharmacological protection of the kidney during the warm ischemia significantly decreases the risk of the irreversible kidney cells damage and increases the time to “critical” ischemia. Based on our study the schema of the pharmacological protection of the kidney during nephron-sparing surgery could be developed and integrated in the clinical standards of treatment.

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