Number №1, 2014 - page 92-97

The role of infammation and proliferation markers in the diagnostics of refractory overactive bladder in women

Teterina T.A., Apolihina I.A., Glybochko P.V., Beznoschenko O.S., Krechetova L.V., Mirkin Ya.B.

Actuality of the problem. A great attention of the last time in the russian and international literature is paid to the investigation of cytokines, some of which, e.g. IL-8, have a proven anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the authors consider that urinary Nerve Growth Factor (uNGF) could take part as a mediator in the modulation of the urothelial response to the inflammation and also responsible for the threshold of the urgency perception.

Aim of the study. To study the role of the inflammation and proliferation (IL-8 and uNGF) in the diagnostics of the refractory overactive bladder (OAB).

Materials and methods. We have selected 313 urine samples, 80 of them were from the control group of the patients (mean age 36.5±13.3 years) and 79 from the groups of patients with refractory OAB and chronic cystitis before the start of the therapy. All patients received antibacterial therapy for 10 days. Further in the study groups 79 urine samples were selected for the control evaluations 2 weeks and 6 months after the treatment.

Results. It was shown that IL-8 level in women with chronic cystitis was 2.4 times more, than that in control group, in women with refractory OAB it was 1.7 times more (p< 0.05). Comparative study of the IL-8 in urine in study groups at the second and third visit showed, that the decrease of the IL-8 level was evident with regard to the initial levels. uNGF concentration before the treatment start was not significantly different between the studied groups. This could be a confirmation of our statement concerning the role of the inflammation in patients with refractory OAB and chronic cystitis.

Conclusion. Evaluation of the urine levels of IL-8 and uNGF is recommended for the diagnostics and monitoring of the progression of refractory OAB and also for the prediction of the treatment efficacy in patients with chronic cystitis and refractory OAB.

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