Number №1, 2015 - page 94-97

Vascular occlusion device for profuse macrohematuria after the partial nephrectomy in patients with kidney cancer

Cygankov V.N., Francevich A.M., Teplov A.A., Grickevich A.A., Momdzhan B.K., P'yanikin S.S.

We describe the application of the vascular occluder for endovascular treatment of profuse post-resection macrohematuria in patients with kidney cancer, was described in this article. Damage to the parenchyma vessels during the operation could lead to the formation of the traumatic arterio-venous fistula (AVF) and/or aneurism. AVF is a cause for prolonged macrohematuria and profuse bleedings. Inefficacy of the conservative therapy leads to the re-operations up to nephrectomy in selected cases. The open re-operation in case of renal artery AVF could be technically challenging due to adhesions and altered angioarchitectonics. Roentgenendovascular operations represent a good minimally invasive alternative, which could eliminate persisting macrohematuria post resection in an organ-preserving manner. The optimal results could be achieved with vascular occluder – small branches of the segment renal artery with arterio-venous aneurism were occluded in this case.

This case report demonstrates the potential of roentgen-endovascular treatment, which could replace the traumatic surgical operation in case of traumatic AVF of renal artery.

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