Perepanova Tamara Sergeevna


Perepanova Tamara Sergeevna is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor and Head of the Department of Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases and Clinical Pharmacology at the Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology n.a. N.A. Lopatkin - a branch of the federal state budget institution "National Medical Research Center for Radiology" of the Russian Ministry of Health. She is a member of the European Section of Infections in Urology Board (European Urological Association), a chairman of the Moscow Urology Society, a member of the Russian Society of Urology Presidium.

She graduated from the 2nd Moscow Order of Lenin State Medical Institute n.a. N.I. Pirogov in 1976 (pediatrics).

She defended her thesis in 1982 and since then has worked at the Research Institute of Urology of the Russian Ministry of Health. In 1996 she defended her doctoral dissertation on the "Complex treatment and prevention of hospital urinary tract infection" problem.

Research interests: pathogenesis and etiology of infectious urological diseases, pharmacotherapy of urological diseases, antibacterial chemotherapy of urinary infection, phagotherapy, immunotherapy of urinary infection.

Dr. Perepanova has made a great contribution to the next achievements:

  • a new product was created and introduced into practice ("Ligentan" gel for prevention and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract);
  • catheter-associated urinary infection has been studied and its main causes and treatment measures – determined;
  • a set of measures for the prevention and treatment of hospital urinary infections have been developed;
  • the technique of bacteriophage therapy of urinary infection was grounded, developed and introduced into practice;
  • schemes of rational antibiotic therapy of urinary tract infections have been worked out and introduced;
  • indications and contraindications to vaccine prophylaxis for Pseudomonas infection of the urinary tract have been made;
  • diagnostic capabilities of venographic studies have been developed and determined for certain urological diseases, the dangers and complications of venocavarenography;
  • efficacy is determined and pharmacotherapy of benign prostatic hyperplasia with alpha-adrenergic blockers has been studied;
  • principles of treatment of chronic cystitis with hyaluronic acid preparations have been developed and implemented.

Dr. Perepanova has more than 290 scientific publications, author's certificates for inventions, a patent, including books: "Medicines used in urology", "Rational pharmacotherapy in urology", chapter in the international manual "Urogenital infections", Federal clinical recommendations "Antimicrobial therapy and prevention of infections of the kidneys, urinary tract and male genital organs " in 2012, 2014, 2015.

She has been awarded with a badge "Honored worker of public health services". Dr. Perepanova constantly increases her qualification.

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