Appreciation to reviewers


The editorial board members of the “Experimental and clinical urology” journal is very grateful to all the experts, taking part in the workflow on each journal issue, selecting the highest quality research, the most daring experimental works, the most complete literature reviews and unique clinical cases.

Dear colleagues, your work allows to improve the journal professional level and provide the urological community with new high-quality specialized content.

A huge number of scientific publications, submitted to the journal editorial board, does not always meet the strict requirements of international publications. In cooperation with the editorial staff, our reviewers choose worthy articles and selflessly modify them for timely preparation for publication.

Your impeccable theoretical knowledge, invaluable practical experience and skill to work in a team allow you to find the only correct solutions that correspond with the goal, objectives and editorial policy of our journal.

The number of the "Experimental and clinical urology" journal reviewers is constantly growing – currently there are more than 60 scientists from Russia and foreign countries.

We express our gratitude to the reviewers for a detailed and thorough analysis of the articles of the "Experimental and clinical urology" journal № 3 (2020).

With respect and gratitude, the editorial board members of the “Experimental and clinical urology” journal.

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