Number №3, 2012 - page 71-78

Acute epididymitis: medical and social aspects. Modern possibilities of pathogenetic therapy

Shormanov I.S., Vorchalov M.M., Ryzhkov A.I.

Acute epididymitis – one of the most common urological disease in men at any age. With a number of serious complications, leading eventually to the development of infertility, epididymitis is a fairly serious health and socio-economic problem.

This literature review covers the epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis. Etiological agents in young people are agents of urogenital infections, and in older adults - a Gram-negative intestinal flora. In the pathogenesis of dominant intracanalicular pathway. We also show the negative impact of acute epididymitis change tissue hemodynamics, immunoreactivity of the body and on the reproductive function in men, explained the mechanism of autoimmune infertility. In addition, мodern approaches to the treatment of acute epididymitis, which is the basis of antibiotic therapy with the possibilities of physical therapy action and local treatment. In the case of complicated forms of epididymitis exhibited indications for surgical treatment. The report identified the theoretical and clinical conditions of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) in the complex treatment of acute epididymitis. The analysis of the current literature with main effects of HBO (bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, immunostimulation, improving microcirculation) indicates a high efficiency of the method and can recommend it for widespread introduction into clinical practice in acute epididymitis.

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