Number №4, 2022 - page 42-47

Combined minimally invasive surgery for stones and tumors of the ipsilateral kidney DOI: 10.29188/2222-8543-2022-15-4-42-47

For citation: Panferov A.S., Elagin V.V., Bekreev E.A. Combined minimally invasive surgery for stones and tumors of the ipsilateral kidney. Experimental and Clinical Urology, 2022;15(4):42-47; https://doi.org/10.29188/2222-8543-2022-15-4-42-47
Panferov A.S., Elagin V.V., Bekreev E.A.
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Introduction. According to epidemiological studies, the incidence of urolithiasis in the world is about 20%, and the number of patients with this pathology is steadily increasing. Renal cell carcinoma shows the similar dynamics of case growth. The development of diagnostic methods has increased the detectability of combinations of these pathologies, and therefore the urgency of the issue of simultaneous interventions in such patients raises no doubts.

Objective. To determine the efficacy and safety of the simultaneous interventions of a stone and a kidney mass of the ipsilateral kidney.

Materials and methods. Nine patients with combination of kidney stones and masses of the ipsilateral kidney with indications for the operative treatment were included in the investigation.

Results. Laparoscopic kidney resection with pyelolithotomy was performed in all patients in a simultaneously. There was no conversion to open surgery, significant postoperative complications and lethal outcomes. The stent-catheter was removed 4 weeks after the operation. A clinical observation is presented demonstrating the successful treatment of a patient with serious diseases (stones of the right kidney, stones of the right ureter and neoplasm of the right kidney) in one combined surgical treatment.

The choice of a simultaneous treatment method in this category of patients, in our opinion, helps prevent the development of intra- and postsurgical complications during staged treatment. The lack of clinical guidelines, as well as the few publications available in the form of clinical examples on the subject are available, creates the need to develop a unified approach to managing patients with a combination of urolithiasis and tumors of the ipsilateral kidney.

Conclusion. Combined interventions for ipsilateral kidney stones and masses are safe treatment methods with short rehabilitation period.

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ipsilateral kidney stones and masses; surgical treatment; combined interventions

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