Number №4, 2022 - page 102-106

Selective cryoablacion of penile nerves as a treatment for premature ejaculation DOI: 10.29188/2222-8543-2022-15-4-102-106

For citation: Mirkin Ya.B., Cherepanov D.A., Nevsky A.A., Kyzlasov P.S. Selective cryoablacion of penile nerves as a treatment for premature ejaculation. Experimental and Clinical Urology 2022;15(4):102-106; https://doi.org/10.29188/2222-8543-2022-15-4-102-106
Mirkin Ya.B., Cherepanov D.A., Nevskiy A.A., Kyzlasov P.S.
Information about authors:
  • Mirkin Ya.B. – PhD, urologist, International Medical Center «URO-PRO», Krasnodar, Russia
  • Cherepanov D.A. – urologist, International Medical Center «URO-PRO», Krasnodar, Russia
  • Nevsky A.A. – PhD, urologist, International Medical Center «URO-PRO», Rostov-on-Don, Russia
  • Kyzlasov P.S. – Dr. Sci., professor of the department of urology and andrology, Federal State Budgetary Institution named after A.I. Burnazyan; Moscow, Russia

Introduction. Premature ejaculation (PE) is the second most common male sexual dysfunction with a significant negative impact on quality of life. To date, there is no satisfactory treatment for PE. Surgical methods of treatment are based on reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis by various methods, the main of which is selective dorsal neurotomy (SDN). Recently, methods have been developed for temporary demyelination of the dorsal nerve of the penis using cryoablation. This article discusses the results of selective minimally invasive cryoablation for the treatment of PE. as a treatment for premature ejaculation.

Materials and methods. Materials and methods. The methods of SDN by the criablation method are described. The study involved 29 patients aged 22 to 35 years (mean age 28.7 years). All patients met the Criteria for Premature Ejaculation. Patients filled out the Premature Ejaculation Profile and recorded the time of Intravaginal Ejaculation Latency Time (IELT) before and after 3 months after SDN by cryoablation.

Results. After the operation average IELT increased from of 75.8 seconds to 227.6 seconds (+298%), the average Premature Ejaculation Profile score increased from 3.6 to 11.35 points (+315%).

Conclusions. Selective minimally invasive cryoablation of penile nerves is a promising treatment for premature ejaculation. However, additional studies with a larger number of participants are needed.

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premature ejaculation; conservative treatment; surgery treatment

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