Number №3, 2017 - page 114-120

Controversial issues of surgical tactics in case of a testicular torsion in childhood (literature review)

Shormanov I.S., Schedrov D.N.

The problem of testicular torsion, despite rather high debatability in specialized domestic and foreign literature, leaves many questions on which consensus has not been reached to date, the authors' opinions appear in a wide range of decisions, sometimes polar.

In this review, unresolved issues are considered, leaving for today a place for discussion - the possibility of reducing the level of testicular ischemia before surgery, the need for fixation of the testicle after the turn and endoprosthetics of the testicle. Different views on the need for fixation, the methods of its implementation that are most useful in practice, the advantages and disadvantages of the methods discussed, the conditions for their most rational application are presented. The frequency of relapses after different.

Various opinions are expressed about the fixation of the contralateral testicle, arguments in favor of a particular tactical approach, based on clinical analysis and anatomical assumptions. methods of fixation of the gonad has been sanctified.

The state of the issue of prosthetics in the literature is indicated, the recommended optimal age. The types of implants currently used in practice are discussed. Various described methods of prosthetics, their positive and negative sides, the most common complications, their probable causes and ways of prevention have been analyzed.

It is concluded that to date there is no single protocol for managing patients with testicular spine after resolving acute ischemia. Data available in the literature on the above issues are contradictory. Further research is needed in this aspect of treatment of testicular vesicle, material analysis and development of optimal recommendations and standards.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests/

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testiclular torsion, testiclular fixation, testicle detachment, testicle endoprosthetics, testicular ischemia, children

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