Number №2, 2017 - page 78-82

Extensive penile skin necrosis as a complication after operative treatment of tunica albuginea trauma (penile fracture). Clinical observation

Yarovoy S.K., Hromov R.A.

The paper describes and analyses iatrogenic penile skin necrosis in a patient, who underwent operative treatment of penile fracture. Presumably, penile skin necrosis was accounted by severe impairment of blood circulation, which is due to inadequate choice of access to the cavernous bodies.

A patient with subtotal ischemic penile skin necrosis recurrently asked for medical help. The absence of infectious and inflammatory complications accounted for the choice of the method of operative intervention, which was the urgent revision of the penis, necrectomy, Reich surgery)

Penile skin plasty from scrotum (the second part of surgery) was conducted three months later.

The treatment was not followed with any complications and resulted in a complete rehabilitation of the patient.

In-depth analysis of the complete order of diagnostic procedures and treatment aimed at the detection of drawbacks, determination of their significance and finding the ways of their prevention, was performed.

The paper is supplied with detailed description of etiology and clinical picture of traumatic fracture of tunica albuginea (penile fracture). A contemporary method of treatment of this condition and the procedure of operative intervention are described.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests.

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penile fracture, surgical treatment, complication, skin necrosis of the penis, plastic of the penis skin

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