Number №4, 2012 - page 63-66

External validation and reliability estimation of the Uzbek and Russian version of the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) questionnaire

Akilov F.A., Rahmonov O.M., Mirhamidov D.H., Alidzhanov Zh.F.

Aim: Development of Russian and Uzbek versions of IPSS, estimation of their validity and reliability in patients from Uzbekistan and their introduction into general medical practice.

Methods: Validity and reliability were investigated in patients with or without (control group) lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). The “test-retest” method was used for reliability estimation, while alpha of Cronbach was used for assessment of internal consistency.

Results: In both groups Russian and Uzbek versions showed excellent internal consistency according to all seven criteria (Cronbach α = 0.76, 0.74, 0.85 и 0.84 for control and LUTS group in Uzbek and Russian patients) and to overall rating. Correlation coefficient for “testretest” study was significant also. Coefficient of inter-class correlation was rather high for control group (ICC IPSS = 0.95 and 0.95; ICC QoL = 0.86 and 0.83) and LUTS group (ICC IPSS = 0.96 and 0.92; ICC QoL = 0.95 and 0.94) in Uzbek and Russian versions.

Conclusions: Uzbek and Russian version of IPSS questionnaire are convenient, reliable, valid and sensitive tools for estimation of changes in patients with LUTS.

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