Female urethral diverticulum


Verzin A.V., Pen’kov P.L.

This paper describes a clinical case of female urethral diverticulum. The clinical picture, diagnosis and surgical treatment of urethral diverticulum, as well as immediate follow up of surgical treatment are described. Materials and methods. The diagnosis of urethral diverticulum has been established based on anamnesis, complaints and results of instrumental methods: ultrasound of the urinary system, urethrocystography, uretrocystoscopy, uroflowmetry, gynecological examination.

The main complaints was: pain when urinating, pollakiuria to 12-15 times, episodes of macrohaematuria, urinary incontinence. Pain just stopped using o narcotic analgetics (transdermal patch Dyurogesik). At gynecological examination through the anterior wall of the vagina the painful periurethral elastic formation (near 4.5 cm) was determined, and when pressed to it the urine stood out from the meatus . When urethrocystography urethral diverticulum rounded up to 4.5-5.0 cm was visualized. Obstructive type of urination was determinated with uroflowmetry. The patient performed surgery: transvaginal diverticulectomy and biopsy of diverticulum. Histological conclusion: there are the fragments of fibrous tissue and mucous of urethra, with a weak infiltration.

The results. Following the surgery it was a smooth postoperative period, marked regression of pain, improved quality of urination, urinary incontinence disappearance. 12 days after surgery nonobstructive urinary type was determined with uroflowmetry. Conclusion. Early diagnosis and surgical treatment of female urethral diverticulum can get rid of this disease and socially adapt this category of patients.

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