Number №1, 2015 - page 16-18

The frequency of the chronic prostatitis in the outpatient practice

Kul'chavenya E.V., Holtobin D.P., Shevchenko S.Yu., Potapov V.V., Zulin V.V.

Chronic prostatitis is one of the commonest urological diseases, the prevalence of which and the quota of patients with which in municipal and private outpatient practices are underestimated.

Statistical tickets of the private medical outpatient facility «Avicenna» (Novosibirsk), of municipal policlinic 26 (Novosibirsk) and policlinic 1 of the City Hospital KMK (Novokuznetzk) were used for analysis with regard to infectioninflammatory urogenital diseases and to their structure.

Overall number of patients in these 3 centers was 8368 with 3459 patients’ visits related to the infectiousinflammatory diseases – from balanoposthitis to pyelonephritis. In the outpatient practice in municipal setting 2,5% of cases were chronic prostatitis cases (5,8% from all infectious-inflammatory diseases). In the private setting there is a tendency to growth for the share of the patient with chronic prostatitis up to 11,5-17,7% (from 37,1% up to 42,3% in the general structure of the inflammatory diseases).

In view of clinical significance of chronic prostatitis and importance of modern diagnostic, therapy and prophylaxis approaches, it could be stated that the role of the chronic prostatitis is overestimated. Epidemiological control for chronic prostatitis should be unified.

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