Number №4, 2015 - page 110-114

Hypospadias in women and girls: a literature review and clinical case

Rudin Yu.E., Maruhnenko D.V., Garmanova T.N.

Hypospadias one of the most common congenital diseases of the genitourinary system in boys, the frequency of this anomaly in girls below. The term "female hypospadias» (hypospadia feminis) understand congenital disease, which manifests itself in the displacement meatus on the anterior vaginal wall gimenalnogo proximal ring. Since hypospadias in girls and women is extremely rare diagnosis and treatment it has received little attention from doctors. In addition, given the fact that the disease often remains undiagnosed, the true prevalence of hypospadias in girls and women is difficult to speak. Most often, hypospadias in women diagnosed bladder catheterization or examination for recurrent urinary tract infections. Currently, the clinical manifestations are described and developed several classifications of female hypospadias. The latter is based on accounting degree dystopia meatus with respect to the various departments of the vagina and the bladder neck. Most authors distinguish between partial and total forms of female hypospadias. In many cases, women hypospadias combined with urinary disorders, so the examination and treatment of this group of patients is recommended to score urination. In relation to the diagnosis of hypospadias is necessary to say that the majority of cases remain undiagnosed, symptoms may also appear in the first period, from teenagers to the very mature age (up to 90 years). The cause of hypospadias in older women can be a congenital anomaly of the structure of the urethra, and the displacement of the orifice to the vagina due to fibrosis as a result of atrophic vaginitis or surgery on the urethra hypospadias repair in women with symptomatic operative, aimed at moving in the physiological position of the urethra. 

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female hypospadias, diagnosis, surgery.

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