Initial results of the target program for the prostate cancer diagnostics in Kaluzhsky region

Efremov E.A., Gusakova D.A., Mel'nik Ya.I.

A problem of early detection of prostate cancer (PC) is still actual and practically valuable. There are a number of programs for PC screening in some regions of the Russia (Moscow region, Sverdlovskaya region). Regional target program «Men’s Health» has been approved by the regional authorities in Kaluzhskaya region. For standardization of order and extent of the patient examination an algorithm was developed, considering the lack of outpatient urologists in medical facilities and equipment deficiency in city hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Methodological work for program realization was performed in co-working with the scientific Research Institute of Urology. Examination methodology for PC early detection as well as unified regional diagnostic and treatment algorithms for all stages of specialized urologic care has been developed. In course of the program «Urologic patients Registry» soft was created.

In course of the program 4977 men were examined within two years, 2823 of them – in «Men’s Health» office. As a result of statistical analysis performed incidence rates for urological diseases are as follows: prostate malignancies – 4,6%, other oncourologic conditions – 4,0% and other diseases. In 2008 only, during first year of the target program realization, increase by 40% in total number of PC cases detected (+ 27% if compared with previous year) was observed, a number of patients with stage I or II increased too. An importance and economic effect of the PC screening using PSA will be evaluated.

Management of prostate cancer early diagnostics, the disease detection at the early stages even in a few cases when examining elderly men «on resort» may be considered as a success of the program and be economically feasibly. 

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