Number №4, 2017 - page 96-100

Interstitial cystitis – pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment strategies: an update. part 1 – pathogenesis

Mirkin Ya.B., Karapetyan A.V., Shumov S.Yu.

Interstitial cystitis/Bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS) is the severe pathologic condition with strong impact on quality of life. Current treatment options are not completely effective as far as IC/BPS has very complex pathogenesis, which include such factors as:

  1. Urothelium’s impairment
  2.  Non-bacterial inflammation in the suburothelium with mast cells activation.
  3. Sensitization of peripheral nervous endings.
  4. Pelvic organ’s cross-talking.
  5.  Pelvic floor muscles overactivity.
  6. Central sensitization.

That’s why correct therapeutic strategies should involve all those factors.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests.

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intestial cystitis, glycosaminoglycan layer, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, painful bladder syndrome, urothelium

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