Number №1, 2017 - page 42-44

A method of treating patients with high-risk progression localized prostate cancer

Faenson A.V., Solnceva A.A., Durickiy M.N., Shevchenko A.N., Shvyrev D.A.

A combination of brachytherapy and distance X-ray therapy is a suitable method for treating patients with a high risk of prostate cancer progression. This can help to yield better results, in comparison with radical prostatectomy and distance X-ray therapy alone. However, application of a complex X-ray therapy has considerable disadvantages. This paper contains a description of a method of treatment of localized prostate cancer, which includes intraprostatic and paraprostatic administration of 5-flu-orouracil (radiomodifier and chemotherapeutic agent), followed by complex X-ray therapy (brachytherapy and distance X-ray therapy).

A clinical case of successful treatment of a patient with high-risk prostate cancer using the proposed method is described.

The proposed method of therapy for patients with localized prostate cancer, who have a high risk of progression of the disease, provides the improvement of the nearest and long-term results of treatment and helps to decrease the probability of prostate cancer recurrence and, therefore, avoid the expenses for specialized antitumor methods of treatment. The method helps to prevent a series of side effects of X-ray treatment, such as prostatitis, cystitis, urethritis and rectitis. Consequently, this reduces the duration of rehabilitation of such patients and helps to avoid the expenses for symptomatic treatment.

Authors declare lack of the possible conflicts of interests.

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prostate cancer, brachytherapy, distant radiation therapy, radiomodification

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